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Night three of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

12 finishers, including two with Mega Walls!

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

12 course completions including two Mega Wall buzzers! That’s what we wanted to see! After two very difficult American Ninja Warrior Qualifying courses resulting in record low completion numbers, night three of season 13’s Qualifiers got things moving along at the pace we’ve been waiting for.

Also for the first time this season, the number one spot on the leaderboard belongs to a veteran instead of a teen rookie. But those rookies still took a strong hold of the top spots including Vance Walker’s utterly jaw-dropping trip to the Mega Wall.

Here are the Ninjas advancing to the Semifinals from night three of the Qualifiers.

Note: We use “teen” to mark the invited young competitors. Brett Hernandez Strong is a teen at 19-years-old but is of the age to apply to the show.

Top 30

  1. R.J. Roman: Complete - 1:39.84
  2. Amir Malik: Complete - 1:51.11
  3. Enzo Wilson: Complete (Rookie/Teen) - 2:19.92
  4. Owen Dyer: Complete (Rookie/Teen) - 2:23.13
  5. Kevin Carbone: Complete - 2:33.09
  6. Max Feinberg: Complete (Rookie/Teen) - 2:35.42
  7. Austin Hair: Complete (Rookie) - 2:39.62
  8. Brett Hernandez Strong: Complete/Mega Wall (Rookie) - 2:53.07
  9. Dan Polizzi: Complete - 3:04.96
  10. Vance Walker: Complete/Mega Wall (Rookie/Teen) - 3:07.32
  11. Brett Sims: Complete - 3:37.52
  12. Tyler Gillett: Complete - 4:02.22
  13. WeiWei Qin: Pretzel Twist (Rookie)
  14. Nico Gentry: Pretzel Twist
  15. Devin Harrelson: Pretzel Twist
  16. Kenny Tran: Pretzel Twist (Rookie)
  17. Shaq Leach: Pretzel Twist (Rookie)
  18. DeShawn Harris: Pretzel Twist
  19. Josh Wagg: Pretzel Twist (Rookie)
  20. Ben Whitlow: Pretzel Twist
  21. Josiah Singleton: Pretzel Twist
  22. Bob Reese: Pretzel Twist (Rookie)
  23. Brad Giles: Pretzel Twist (Rookie)
  24. Todd Bourgeois: Pretzel Twist
  25. KC Boutiette: Pretzel Twist
  26. Glenn Davis: Pretzel Twist
  27. Alyssa Varsalona: Pretzel Twist
  28. Charity LeBlanc: Pretzel Twist
  29. Tony Miles: Pretzel Twist
  30. Lenny Lopez: Air Surfer (Rookie)

Top five women

  1. Alyssa Varsalona: Pretzel Twist
  2. Charity LeBlanc: Pretzel Twist
  3. Megan Budway: Air Surfer
  4. Cara Mack: Air Surfer
  5. Heather Weissinger: Air Surfer