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Sneak peek: Can the Mermaid Ninja stay dry?

Charity LeBlanc has her sights set on the Semifinals, but Air Surfer has something to say about that.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

How is it that just a one-week hiatus feels like forever in American Ninja Warrior time? Although the show took this week off for the Olympic Trials, it’s time to start getting excited for the third week of Qualifiers on Monday, June 21 at 9 pm!

Up first, we have our weekly “sneak peek” at a run. This time around, it’s the Mermaid Ninja, Charity LeBlanc taking on her third Ninja Warrior season.

The reason behind the mermaid nickname is pretty obvious. Charity is basically a living mermaid (with 856K followers on Instagram). In her two previous seasons on the show, she has not advanced past the Qualifiers. As Matt Iseman mentions while calling her run, she would need to beat the fourth obstacle to move on this time around.

Charity looks nervous before taking on Domino Effect but floats through it. On Air Surfer, the obstacle she has to beat, Charity takes a dogged approach, honing in on each jump and landing. As she nears the end of the track, you can tell her grip starts to waver. That prompts Charity to go for an early dismount. She makes it to the very edge of the landing pad with her leg danging above the water and her toe just about to get wet.

And that’s where the video ends.

Is this an early exit or a miraculous save? We’ll find out when American Ninja Warrior returns on Monday, June 21 at 9 PM EST on NBC.