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Should American Ninja Warrior lower the age limit for upcoming seasons?

Now that we’ve seen the teens in action, what do you think of expanding the age range for the show?

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Ever since the announcement that a group of selected teens was invited to be on season 13 of American Ninja Warrior, the online community hasn’t stopped talking about it. We asked readers about their opinions before the season started, but now that we’re two episodes in, we’re asking for your thoughts again.

Should American Ninja Warrior lower the age limit and include teen competitors in upcoming seasons?

We read the comments both here on this site, and on our various social media platforms. When it comes to the subject of the young competitors, varying opinions abound.

Let’s get one thing clear: We are not questioning the teens’ abilities or skills. They are extremely talented. That fact has been proved in just the first two episodes of the season with the teens taking a firm hold on both leaderboards.

Some viewers have expressed that the teens should have their own competition. Some have suggested that ANW Junior expand the age range to include these Ninjas. Some are loving the inclusion of the teens. Some think they’re upping the game for everyone, veterans included.

Now that you’ve seen the teens on American Ninja Warrior, what do you think? There’s a poll below, but be sure to expand on your response in the comment section below.


Should American Ninja Warrior lower the age limit for upcoming seasons?

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American Ninja Warrior airs on Mondays on NBC.