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Sam Sann on his return to Ninja Warrior: ‘This is for everyone who wants to dream big.’

The legend returned for the first time since season 10.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior’s premiere episode of season 13 brought us the youngest competitors ever. But it also brought back a legend.

Sam Sann is revered in the world of Ninja Warrior. Through his gyms in Texas, he’s trained and mentored some of the best in the sport. Sam took part in seven seasons of the show. His glorious City Finals completion in season seven is the kind of stuff Ninja Warrior fans live for. Sam last appeared on American Ninja Warrior back in season 10.

As he made his season 13 debut, Sam Sann proved he’s still got it. At 53-years-old, he made it to the fifth obstacle and placed in the top 30, assuring him another appearance in the Semifinals.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Before he started his comeback run, we caught up with Sam to find out what’s changed for him.

“I have prepared myself more than before. In previous seasons, I’ve had success by helping others, but I didn’t realize that I wasn’t taking care of myself. This time around, I’ve simulated some courses and practiced myself. I was focusing more on myself more than I ever have. I hope it translates to better success this season.”

“I’ve realized that I have a lot to prove for my age. A lot to prove for everyone out there who dreams of being on American Ninja Warrior. I know I will represent the people who want to dream big. This is for everyone who wants to dream big.”

Sam Sann will continue chasing his dreams when he returns for the Semifinals in a few weeks!