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Watch Jesse Labreck’s first-round run from the Women’s Championship

SPOILER: This is a full run from the upcoming Women’s Championship

SPOILER ALERT: This video and article contains spoilers from the upcoming American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship.

If the video above isn’t working, you can also view the clip here.

We are so excited for the first American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship! To help us make it through the last few days before it airs, NBC has dropped Jesse Labreck’s FULL run from the first round.

There are some pretty unavoidable spoilers here. Matt Iseman mentions that Allyssa Beird may be on the bubble to move on. He also says that four women have already fallen on Beehive. So it seems like things are pretty tense for this round.

Jesse Labreck has hit six buzzers in the regular season and we really didn’t have any concerns about her chances of completing this course.

Until Sideways.

In a terrifying yet miraculous moment, Jesse slips off the last board of Sideways, the fifth obstacle.

Somehow, the board at the end of the obstacle actually catches and flips Jesse onto the landing pad and to safety!

Jesse looks shocked that she’s dry and quickly races up the Warped Wall. She wanted to get the heck outta there. (And yes, the clock at the top mentions that Mady Howard has also finished the course.)

Between Jesse’s nerve-wracking run and all the little details that were revealed, we can’t wait for the full show! The American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship airs Sunday, May 9 (Mother’s Day) at 7 pm on NBC!