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Season 13 complete results: Night one of Qualifiers

Only five Ninjas reached the buzzer in this episode. That’s low for a Qualifier.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night one of the season 13 Qualifiers are in the books and the numbers tell an interesting story. There were only five course completions, which is pretty low for the first round of American Ninja Warrior. The falls were fairly spread out. It’s hard to pin the blame on any particular obstacle, but the new V Formation prevented the most competitors from reaching the buzzer.

We had our first look at Split-Decision and there are definitely some Ninjas questioning their choices. 14 competitors overall fell on the balance obstacles, with only a slight difference between the two choices.

Read on to find out how the course broke down by the numbers!

  • Course completions: 5
  • Falls on Shrinking Steps: 11
  • Falls on Overpass: 20
  • Split Decision
  1. Falls on Spinning Log: 8
  2. Falls on Domino Effect: 7
  • Falls on Tipping Point: 7
  • Falls on V Formation: 21
  • Fails at the Warped Wall: 0
  • Mega Wall attempts: 1
  • Mega Wall completions: 0

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Below, we’ve included all of the night’s competitors and where their runs concluded. They are organized by obstacle and are in no particular order beyond that.

  • Dre Nuzum: Shrinking Steps
  • Karen Maderas: Shrinking Steps
  • Leah Hopkins: Shrinking Steps
  • Ruthie Bolton: Shrinking Steps
  • Nicki Asirvadam: Shrinking Steps
  • Sayla Rios: Shrinking Steps
  • Evan Perperis: Shrinking Steps
  • John Loobey: Shrinking Steps
  • Juliana Wilson: Shrinking Steps
  • Holly Cavazos: Shrinking Steps
  • Kasey Bass: Shrinking Steps
  • Cassie Dierks: Overpass
  • Victor Huff: Overpass
  • Rick Hinnant: Overpass
  • Kaleah Rayner: Overpass
  • Gloria Orta: Overpass
  • Dana Kielar: Overpass
  • Quest O’Neal: Overpass
  • Krystal Montgomery: Overpass
  • Lane Saling: Overpass
  • Patterson Yazzie: Overpass
  • Megan Jarmosevich: Overpass
  • Ramya Stevens: Overpass
  • Genny Culotta: Overpass
  • Rusty Rivera: Overpass
  • Barclay Stockett: Overpass
  • Whitney Sigler: Overpass
  • Andrey Collins: Overpass
  • Casey Suchocki: Overpass
  • Nate Burkhalter: Overpass
  • Chris Adkins: Overpass
  • Hai Nguyen: Spinning Log
  • Thomas Stillings: Spinning Log
  • Josh Bieri: Spinning Log
  • Ken Singletary: Spinning Log
  • Was Meador: Spinning Log
  • Clayton Collum: Spinning Log
  • Mallory Simpson: Spinning Log
  • Mathis Owhadi: Spinning Log
  • Emmanuel Aouad: Domino Effect
  • Cody McCloud: Domino Effect
  • Chynna Hart: Domino Effect
  • Christie Brophy: Domino Effect
  • Maggi Thorne: Domino Effect
  • Ben Wilson: Domino Effect
  • Jeri D’Aurelio: Domino Effect
  • Christian Washington: Tipping Point
  • Ernesto Perez: Tipping Point
  • Tom Mortimer: Tipping Point
  • Cory Torkelson: Tipping Point
  • Jonathan Horton: Tipping Point
  • Sophie Shaft: Tipping Point
  • Jade Buford: Tipping Point
  • Wade Lopp: V Formation
  • Karman Selby: V Formation
  • Brian Burkhardt: V Formation
  • Abel Gonzalez: V Formation
  • Sam Sann: V Formation
  • Cole Verble: V Formation
  • Jeremy Clark: V Formation
  • Dan Wentworth: V Formation
  • Caleb Benson: V Formation
  • Josh Norton: V Formation
  • Alex Blick: V Formation
  • Nate Pardo: V Formation
  • Isaiah Wakeham: V Formation
  • Christian Youst: V Formation
  • Adam Nais: V Formation
  • Isabella Wakeham: V Formation
  • Caleb Dowden: V Formation
  • Bryan Billigmeier: V Formation
  • Ryan Meeks: V Formation
  • Daniel Gil: V Formation
  • Lindsay Eskildsen: V Formation
  • Vinnie Castranova: Complete
  • Jonathan Godbout: Complete
  • Elijah Browning: Complete
  • Jody Avila: Complete
  • Isaiah Thomas: Complete - Mega Wall attempt