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Night one of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

The teens topped out the night as season 13 kicked off.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior is back and the surprises are already rolling in!

Night one of the Qualifiers brought us our first look at “Split-Decision.” We also saw just what those teen competitors are capable of, and that’s A LOT. Seven spots on the leaderboard when to the teens, including the top two positions. 13 overall spots on the leaderboard went to rookies, making a firm statement that there’s a new class of Ninjas in town.

But don’t count the veterans out just yet. Jody Avila placed third for the night. Season 12’s champion Daniel Gil shockingly hit the water (a first in the Qualifiers for him). But his speed was still top-notch and we have a feeling he won’t be caught off guard again.

Top 30

  1. Isaiah Thomas: Complete - 2:16.67 (Teen/Rookie)
  2. Elijah Browning: Complete - 2:19.19 (Teen/Rookie)
  3. Jody Avila: Complete - 2:25.97
  4. Vinnie Castranova: Complete - 2:42.84
  5. Jonathan Godbout: Complete - 3:02.24 (Teen/Rookie)
  6. Nate Pardo: V Formation (Teen/Rookie)
  7. Daniel Gil: V Formation
  8. Christian Youst: V Formation (Teen/Rookie)
  9. Brian Burkhardt: V Formation
  10. Alex Blick: V Formation
  11. Caleb Dowden: V Formation
  12. Ryan Meeks: V Formation
  13. Isaiah Wakeham: V Formation
  14. Cole Verble: V Formation (Rookie)
  15. Isabella Wakeham: V Formation (Teen/Rookie)
  16. Josh Norton: V Formation
  17. Caleb Benson: V Formation (Rookie)
  18. Wade Lopp: V Formation (Rookie)
  19. Karman Selby: V Formation (Rookie)
  20. Dan Wentworth: V Formation (Rookie)
  21. Bryan Billingmeier: V Formation (Rookie)
  22. Adam Naids: V Formation
  23. Jeremy Clark: V Formation
  24. Abel Gonzalez: V Formation
  25. Lindsay Eskildsen: V Formation
  26. Sam Sann: V Formation
  27. Sophie Shaft: Tipping Point (Teen/Rookie)
  28. Jonathan Horton: Tipping Point
  29. Jade Buford: Tipping Point
  30. Cory Torkelson: Tipping Point

Top five women

  1. Isabella Wakeham: V Formation (Teen/Rookie)
  2. Lindsay Eskildsen: V Formation
  3. Sophie Shaft: Tipping Point (Teen/Rookie)
  4. Chynna Hart: Domino Effect
  5. Christie Brophy: Domino Effect