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Watch season 12’s top five runs

Five days to go until season 13! Let’s get ready.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 12 Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior is just five days away! In honor of the final countdown, we’ve collected the top five runs from season 12. Watching these fantastic runs only makes us even more excited to check out the new action we’ll get to see on Monday, May 31.

Season 12 wasn’t what we were used to seeing, but it was thrilling nonetheless. We were deep into the pandemic when the show filmed and the crew and Ninjas went above and beyond to bring us a season when, for a time, it looked like it wouldn’t be possible.

Season 13 will return to the format we know and love, including the National Finals in Las Vegas. Before we kick off the season 13 Qualifiers in just a few days, take a look back at the most popular runs of season 12!

1.) Jessie Graff - Qualifiers

Jessie was not able to take part in season 13 due to recovering from surgery, but her performances during 2020 drew the fans in.

2.) David Campbell - Qualifiers

We love that the OG Ninja got so much love! David proved the power of experience when he rescued his run from sudden death and went on to beat the Mega Wall.

3.) Allyssa Beird - Qualifiers

All eyes were on Allyssa Beird, the second woman to defeat Stage One at the National Finals, and she delivered.

4.) Jesse Labreck - Finals

With this run, Jesse landed herself in the top eight of the entire season and went on to the Power Tower playoffs, a first for women!

5.) Jesse Labreck - Qualifiers

There’s no question that Jesse deserves two mentions in the top five. During the Qualifiers, she smacked her sixth buzzer, another historic moment for women on Ninja Warrior.

Four out of the top five runs from season 12 belong to the women of Ninja! We really have no doubt that they have even more planned for us this year. Remember to tune in on Monday, May 31 at 8 pm EST to catch the first American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers of season 13.