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Fans have two big questions on their minds ahead of season 13’s debut

The National Finals and the teenage competitors have the fans awaiting answers.

American Ninja Warrior - season 11 Photo by: David Becker/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

It looks like American Ninja Warrior fans have two big questions on their minds as we head into season 13.

  1. Will the return of the National Finals give us a new champion?
  2. How will the teens fair on the big course?

We ran a poll last week asking our readers to share what they were looking forward to the most about the upcoming new season. There are a lot of potential reasons to be excited, but we laid out a few in a poll. Two responses had the strongest traction.

39% of polled readers selected, “The return of the National Finals and the chance we’ll have a champion.”

25% of readers said they were looking forward to, “Watching the teenagers on the course.”

It makes perfect sense that these would be two points of interest. Season 12 did not feature the National Finals. While the Power Tower playoffs was thrilling, it wasn’t the dramatic build to either an American Ninja Warrior Champion or Last Ninja Standing that we crave.

Season 13 will also bring competitors as young as 15 to the course. We’ve seen what these kids can do on American Ninja Warrior Junior. Now they have a few more years of development under their belts and they are poised to be top contenders this year. Will they bump some of the veterans off the leaderboards?

The third most popular option on our poll was the anticipation of seeing the returning veterans. Many have unfinished business on the course. Many have unfinished business at the National Finals. And they’ll need to keep their eyes on those teens.

Those hotly-anticipated elements all play together to create a massive amount of anticipation for season 13. The filming of the National Finals is underway right now in Las Vegas. The premiere of season 13 is less than two weeks away!

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior will debut on Monday, May 31 at 8 pm EST on NBC.