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American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship: By the numbers

Here’s a quick breakdown of the episode.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The 2021 American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship was everything we could have asked for and more. We saw the women celebrate each other while destroying the course. In every round of the competition, the women set the bar high and rose to meet it. We saw multiple buzzers. It all culminated in the final match-up on the Power Tower that was a true clash of the titans. Meagan Martin and Jesse Labreck, two incredibly experienced and talented athletes, faced off in a head-to-head, breathless battle.

Meagan Martin became our first-ever Women’s Champion with a come-from-behind win that will go down in history.

You can find a full recap of the episode here. Below, we’ve put together an at-a-glance guide to the episode. We also have a follow-up interview with Meagan that you can find here.

Round one

Course breakdown

  • Shrinking Steps: 0
  • Off the Hook: 0
  • Beehive: 4
  • Burn Rubber: 0
  • Sideways: 2
  • Warped Wall: 0
  • Complete: 6

Individual results

  • Jeri D’Aurelio: Beehive
  • Zhanique Lovett: Beehive
  • Rachael Goldstein: Beehive
  • Michelle Warnky Buurma: Beehive
  • Allyssa Beird: Sideways
  • Ashley McConville: Sideways
  • Jessie Graff: Complete
  • Meagan Martin: Complete
  • Jesse Labreck: Complete
  • Sandy Zimmerman: Complete
  • Tiana Webberley: Complete
  • Mady Howard: Complete
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Round two

Course breakdown

  • Shrinking Steps: 0
  • Off the Hook: 0
  • Beehive: 0
  • Burn Rubber: 0
  • Sideways: 1
  • Warped Wall: 0
  • Salmon Ladder: 0
  • Corkscrew: 0
  • The Dungeon: 3
  • Spider Trap: 1
  • Complete: 1

Individual results

  • Jessie Graff: Sideways
  • Mady Howard: The Dungeon
  • Sandy Zimmerman: The Dungeon
  • Tiana Webberley: The Dungeon
  • Jesse Labreck: Spider Trap
  • Meagan Martin: Complete
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Round three

Power Tower playoffs

  • Meagan Martin vs Mady Howard
    Winner: Meagan Martin

  • Jesse Labreck vs Tiana Webberley
    Winner: Jesse Labreck

  • Championship match: Meagan Martin vs Jesse Labreck
    Champion: Meagan Martin
Elizabeth Morris/NBC