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10 out-of-context thoughts from the season 13 Qualifiers

Completely obscure hints to share some of the excitement from the action in Tacoma.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

If you’ve been following ANW Nation, you already know that last week American Ninja Warrior recorded the season 13 Qualifiers in Tacoma.

(Don’t read anything into the header image on this article. I still have to use season 12 photos until we can start sharing the new photos from this year.)

I was there! I watched it all! And there’s nothing I can share with you. That’s a tough fact for me because I’m actually pretty terrible with secrets. When I know something exciting, I want everyone to know the exciting thing. But as this is my sixth season traveling with the show, I’ve developed some coping mechanisms to help relieve some of the pressure.

I’m big fan of obscure hints. So today I’ve prepared for you 10 completely out-of-context thoughts I had while watching the Qualifiers come to life. It’s spoiler free and I get to feel like I shared a fraction of the action we’ll see once the season airs this summer.

10 out-of-context thoughts on the season 13 Qualifiers

  1. I love these new obstacles so much.
  2. Ohhh, those are some epic belly-flops.
  3. Hang on. HANG ON. HANG ON. Just one more move!
  4. Well, great. Now I’m crying in public.
  5. I know exactly how this run is going to go. I should just write down the result now. NOPE. I WAS VERY, VERY WRONG.
  6. They’re like squirrels scampering through the dang trees!
  7. Did he seriously just say that?!?
  8. Did he seriously just DO THAT?!?
  9. I am so proud of that Ninja even though I had nothing to do with what they just accomplished.
  10. Have we ever seen this in the Qualifiers before? This might be a first.

The bottom line is that the Qualifiers were incredible. The stories, the runs, the surprises both good and bad. There’s a whole season of action just within those episodes. And that’s not all. We haven’t even started on the Semifinals!

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior premieres on Monday, May 31 at 8 pm on NBC.