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Fans are overwhelmingly excited about season 13’s ‘Split-Decision’

Viewers are looking forward to watching the Ninjas choose between two obstacles.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It’s official, fans are excited for American Ninja Warrior’s plot twist.

We recently announced that season 13 of the show will include a new obstacle of sorts: Split-Decision. This is a point on both the Qualifiers and Semifinals courses where the Ninjas will need to choose between two obstacles. In the Qualifiers, they select one of two balance obstacles. In the Semifinals, they’ll pick between an upper-body obstacle or a balance obstacle in position nine on the course.

Fan reactions seemed overwhelmingly positive and now, according to our poll, we can say we’re feeling confident that the viewers are excited for this.

78% of the readers who responded to the poll selected, “Psyched! Can’t wait to see it in action!” as their response to Split-Decision. While the Ninjas seemed excited, but slightly worried, the fans are more than ready to for this change.

The addition of a choice on the course has the potential to add some intense drama to each run. If a competitor makes the right decision, the fans will have more triumphant clears. If a Ninja makes the wrong choice, the fans might see some superstars head home early. It adds another layer of mental strategy to an already taxing challenge.

The fans will see how Split-Decision plays out when American Ninja Warrior returns on Monday, May 31 at 8 pm on NBC.