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Update on the season 13 Mega Wall rules

Season 13 will utilize the traditional rules of one shot on the Mega Wall and one shot on the Warped Wall.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Hello, Ninja Warrior fans! We’ve just returned from the taping of the American Ninja Warrior season 13 Qualifiers in Tacoma. We have so much to tell you…

Which, of course, we won’t be doing … yet. Sorry about that.

There is one little thing we wanted to give you an update on. Previously, we shared that the Mega Wall would have a small tweak in season 13. The thought was after the Ninjas used their one attempt on the Mega Wall, they would have two attempts on the Warped Wall.

We have since learned season 13 will use the traditional Mega Wall rules. Ninjas will get one attempt on the Mega Wall, and then one attempt on the Warped Wall. If they choose not to attempt the 18-foot wall, they still have three shots at the Warped Wall. This is a return to the format we’ve seen before. Season 13 will use the same rules around the Mega Wall that were utilized in seasons 10 and 12. According to our reader poll, viewers liked those rules the best anyway.

All of the competitors were made aware of these rules prior to the competition. We just wanted to give you avid fans an update so you’re fully informed when season 13 hits our TVs on Monday, May 31!