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Sandy Zimmerman and Najee Richardson embody the Ninja Warrior spirit for season 13

The show has selected the two competitors to be the “key art” for American Ninja Warrior’s 13th season.

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior is in production at this very moment. The show will return to our televisions just in time to kick off summer on Monday, May 31 at 8 pm on NBC.

We now have the key art for season 13 and it has us even more excited (if that was possible).

Sandy Zimmerman and Najee Richardson are the “poster” woman and man for season 13. They represent exactly what this show is all about. Sandy was the first mom to hit a buzzer, which happened back in season 11. Her consistent devotion to her goals has inspired countless others to fearlessly pursue their passions. Sandy is dedicated to her sport and her family, bringing them all together in a beautiful exhibit of the show’s audience. Ninja Warrior is for every single person in the family.

Najee Richardson represents the challenges and triumphs of the Ninja Warrior journey. After a spectacular season 12, Najee was preparing to take part in season 13. Just days before the show was due to begin taping the Qualifiers, Najee dislocated his ankle and had to make the painful decision that it would not be safe for him to compete this year.

At that point, Najee had already been selected to be on season 13’s posters. The show decided that regardless of his participation this year, Najee was still a great presentation of what this show means. We are always faced with obstacles, on and off the course, and we come back stronger.

Sandy and Najee have both well-earned the honor of representing American Ninja Warrior for season 13. We can’t wait to see the action kick off on May 31!