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5 runs that will always make us gasp in astonishment

These runs went from dire to victory in the blink of an eye.

A while back, we asked the readers to help us identify the best “recovered runs.” These are American Ninja Warrior runs that went from, “Oh no” to “heck yes” in a matter of moments. Using some of those suggestions, we’ve compiled five runs that will always make us gasp out loud.

These Ninjas almost didn’t survive what the course threw at them. From daring moves, broken obstacles, and shocking hiccups, they faced unexpected hurdles and close calls at the worst possible times. These could have been season-ending junctures. Instead, they became triumphant runs that we watch again and again.

Joe Moravsky - St. Louis City Finals of season six
Who else could break an obstacle and still make it through?

JJ Woods - Stage One of the season nine National Finals
His run was chaotic and cathartic.

Jamie Rahn - Stage One of the season 10 National Finals
He didn't even bat an eye when his shoe flew off.

David Campbell - Qualifiers of season 12
David was “dead in the water” on Lunatic Ledges, but decided to go get $10,000 instead.

Ashley McConville - Qualifiers of season 12
She kept us guessing until the very last moment.