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G4 will bring Sasuke back to American audiences

American Ninja Warrior’s predecessor has found a new broadcasting home in the US.

So there’s one thing every American Ninja Warrior fan should know. The wildly popular show has its roots in the deeply beloved Japanese show, Sasuke (also known as Ninja Warrior). That show found a place with American audiences when channel G4 broadcast episodes years ago. G4 went away. American Ninja Warrior moved to NBC, and here we are. (You can read more about the history of American Ninja Warrior here.)

But when G4 announced its impending relaunch last year, we were curious. Could this mean something for Sasuke?

Today, we know that answer, and it’s an exciting one. G4 has secured a broadcasting deal with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS). That means G4 will bring Sasuke back for American audiences.

Here are the details from the official press release (which was apparently written by a G4 marketing intern named Phil):

“The deal, which I assume was signed atop Mt. Midoriyama itself, using the sweat and tears of past winners as ink, includes all 167 episodes of the legendary competition series. Ninja Warrior pits heroic athletes of all types from pro gymnasts, to musclebound fisherman, to surprisingly jacked comedians against a four-stage, formidable, and/or impossible obstacle course. G4 will also present three tournaments never-before-seen in the United States, SASUKE 35, 36, and 37, which is coincidentally the age range where I plan to finally get promoted from intern to paid employee. The agreement was arranged by TBS’ licensing agent Bellon Entertainment Inc.”

Hardcore Sasuke fans have exerted a lot of energy over the years finding ways to watch the show. Their workload just got way lighter. Additionally, this opens the door for American Ninja Warrior fans to discover the roots of their competition show.

G4 is due to roar back to life this summer with Sasuke in tow. With season 13 of American Ninja Warrior returning to NBC on May 31, it’s a darn good time to be a Ninja Warrior fan.