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Broken Bridge and Diamond Dash are balance favorites for fans

If you can call any balance obstacle a “favorite.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It seems like two balance obstacles might be fan favorites.

Well, “favorites” is a strong word. No one really gets excited when faced with a balance obstacle on American Ninja Warrior, but it does seem like viewers would pick two obstacles over others if they were up there on the course.

The Broken Bridge and Diamond Dash are almost tied for the lead in our poll that asks readers to pick a balance obstacle to face.

The poll was inspired by season 13’s new “Split-Decision.” On both the Qualifying and Semifinals courses, the Ninjas will reach a point where they get to pick between two obstacles. We didn’t list every balance obstacle in the history of the show, but we asked readers to vote on several popular obstacles.

The Log Runner is currently in the last place of the poll. We certainly understand that. It’s incredibly finicky and very difficult to save a run if something goes wrong there. Broken Bridge and Diamond Dash have strong leads. We can understand that choice as well. They both provide the chance to dive to the landing pad if things go awry.

Watch Jesse Labreck take a face-dive to make it across Diamond Dash in season 12.

Watch Jake Murray tip-toe across the Broken Bridge in season 11.

When season 13 debuts on May 31, we’ll find out which balance obstacle the Ninjas were faced with this year and if they agreed with the viewers’ perspective on the balance obstacles.