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Tell us about the ‘recovered runs’ you’ll never forget

When it looks like a Ninja is down for the count, but they pull off a buzzer, that’s a “recovered run.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior is known for its heart-pounding runs. Watching the competitors battle their way through obstacle after obstacle, never knowing if things are going to come to an end in the blink of an eye gets your blood pumping.

We love a good “recovered run” moment. It’s a moment during a run when you think you’ve seen the end. Maybe you even scream a tiny bit for the Ninja. It’s that one-handed catch, that trip on the balance obstacle, or maybe when it looks like the Ninja has nothing left to give but somehow hangs on just long enough to get to the landing pad. Then, they make it to the buzzer.

Tell us which “recovered runs” you’ll never forget.

We want to do an article that celebrates the runs that went from blunders to buzzers. We need your help for that. Jump down to the comment section and tell us about the near miss runs that take up real estate in your brain.

For example, we love this “recovered run” from David Campbell in season 12.

He lost all momentum on the Lunatic Ledges and had to climb the obstacle to make a jump for the landing pad. Never in a million years did we think he was going to be successful. After landing the jump, he went on to land the Mega Wall.

So let’s hear it! Tell us about your favorite “recovered runs”!