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This is exactly how much time is left before season 13’s debut

Need to know how much longer you have to wait for more American Ninja Warrior? We’ve got you covered.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Welcome to the twilight zone. That’s how we affectionately refer to this strange time on our calendars. American Ninja Warrior season 13 is currently filming. However, the premiere date is still over a month away. So while we have so much we COULD talk about, we can talk about... not much.

If anyone else is as obsessed with anticipating the debut of season 13 as we are, we’ve created a handy-dandy countdown clock.

There are still 48 days standing between us and season 13 (at the time we published this). The big day is on Monday, May 31 at 8 pm EST on NBC. (The countdown clock should automatically update to reflect your time zone, but it’s not exactly fancy.)

We already know a few things about the new season that have us even more on edge than usual. The competition will feature some extremely talented teens and the new “Split-Decision,” which calls on the Ninjas to make a quick choice between obstacles on the course.

The anticipation is real! We cannot wait until we can share more season 13 news with you!