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Jesse Labreck and Chris DiGangi’s matching spills are hilarious and very sweet

Hey, the Ninjas who train together, take tumbles together.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

You know the old saying, the American Ninja Warriors who train together... fall together?

Hey, falling is an inevitable and necessary part of progress and all the Ninjas know that.

Jesse Labreck and Chris DiGangi are both very familiar with the concept. They are highly accomplished Ninja Warriors, and they happen to be an engaged couple. Jesse and Chris have a history of similar performances on the show’s course. It only makes sense. When you train with someone day in and day out, and you share similar lifestyle habits, things tend to line up.

When they fall in the same place during competition, it can be frustrating. However, their recent identical tumble brought chuckles instead of disappointment.

First, Jesse attempted to demonstrate an obstacle and well... See how that goes.

That hug from Chris! AWWWW.

Then Chris gave the obstacle a try. See what we mean about Ninjas who train together?

Thank goodness they filmed these attempts. First of all, it’s just funny. Second of all, it’s a wonderful example of the Ninja process. You try. You fail. If you can, you laugh, learn from it, and give it another go. And in the Ninja Warrior community, you probably get a supportive hug as well.

Both Jesse and Chris will take part in season 13 of American Ninja Warrior. The Qualifiers are set to start taping in just a couple of weeks in the Tacoma Dome. So it’s great that Chris and Jesse are getting all their falls out of their systems now.