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Share your season 13 predictions before taping begins on the Qualifiers

Only a few more days before the lights go up on the Tacoma course!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The time has come! This weekend, the crew and competitors of American Ninja Warrior are hopping in their cars and getting on planes. They’re all heading to Tacoma, Washington for the season 13 Qualifiers.

We’ll be heading there as well, so if the site is a little quieter than usual next week, that’s the reason why. We’ll be interviewing the Ninjas and watching all the action unfold. No, we will not be leaking any spoilers.

This does mean it’s the last chance to log your predictions for the year!

Before the first Ninja steps to the starting line, what are your predictions for season 13 of American Ninja Warrior?

There’s so much to think about! How many Ninjas will clear the Semifinals course? How will the teenagers do in the competition? Who’s heading to the National Finals? What historic moments will we see? And, most importantly, will we have a new American Ninja Warrior champion?

Only time will tell, but we can make some guesses! Head down to the comment section and share your thoughts.

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior will debut on Monday, May 31 at 8 pm on NBC.