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Ninjas react to the news of ‘Split-Decision’

They’re excited. They’re a little nervous. But they’re going to be ready.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Yesterday, we had the great pleasure of announcing a huge new twist coming for season 13 of American Ninja Warrior. Both the Qualifying courses and the Semifinals courses will involve a “Split-Decision,” a point where the Ninjas have to choose between two obstacles.

More specifically, it involves balance obstacles. In the Qualifiers, the Ninjas will choose between two different balance obstacles. In the Semifinals, they can pick an upper-body obstacle or a tough balance obstacle in position nine on the course.

Feedback from the fans has been overwhelmingly positive. But how do the Ninjas feel about it? Read on for some of the Ninjas’ initial reactions to the news of “Split-Decision.”

Jamie Rahn seemed blown away by the idea.

Jesse Labreck is still processing.

Flip Rodriguez is intrigued.

Joe Moravsky gasped when he heard.

Donovan Metoyer is interested.

Lance Pekus needs a second to think about this.

Abel Gonzalez called it “epic” and a “gamechanger.”

Michael Johnson is “here for it.”

Thomas Stillings called it a mic drop.

Nate Hansen is starry-eyed over the idea.

Vance Walker (ANW Junior champion and one of the invited teens this year) wasn’t keen on the balance idea.

Verdale Benson is ready to choose his own destiny.

We’re happy the news of this twist is out in the open now. This gives the Ninjas some time to mentally process what they’re going to face and maybe develop some game plans in their minds. It can be a little jarring to face a big change after years of preparing for something a certain way. We know these Ninjas are going to adapt and succeed.