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Watch Zhanique Lovett clear a 19-foot Mega Wall

If she gets the chance to face the Mega Wall on season 13, we have a feeling she’s going for it.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 12 Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The 18-foot Mega Wall is back for season 13 of American Ninja Warrior. It brings with it a small change to the rules that we hope encourages more competitors to give the larger wall a try.

We want to see more Ninjas attempt the Mega Wall. We really want to see women attempt the Mega Wall. We all know they’re capable of it. It’s time the women start collecting those $10,000 checks.

UPDATE: Season 13 will use the Mega Wall’s original rules. You can read more here.

Previously, the rules stated that the Ninjas only got one attempt at the Mega Wall and then one attempt at the Warped Wall. If a competitor’s failed Mega Wall attempt sapped their leg strength, they might fail that one Warped Wall attempt. Season 13 allows two Warped Wall attempts. That gives Ninjas more time to recover and catch their breath. We hope this means more Ninjas will feel confident in their choice to go for the big wall.

One Ninja who plans to be ready is Zhanique Lovett. After some hard work and dedication, she just toppled a 19-foot wall. That gives her an extra foot of breathing room when she sees the Mega Wall in person. Take a look!

Zhanique is a three-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior. She did get the call to be on season 13 and she’s been hard at work honing her skills. If Zhanique gets herself to obstacle six in the Qualifiers, she looks ready to take on the Mega Wall. Could she be the first woman to claim that lofty buzzer?