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Poll indicates that Ninja Warrior fans prefer the Mega Wall’s original rules

The results of our poll indicated the fans prefer just one shot at the Mega Wall.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It seems like American Ninja Warrior fans prefer the season 10/12 rules when it comes to approaching the 18-foot Mega Wall.

We asked people to share their opinions using a poll. While it wasn’t a runaway win, the rules that allowed the Ninjas to switch from the Mega Wall to the Warped Wall came out ahead by 20 votes.

We can’t be 100% sure that the Mega Wall will return for season 13, or what the rules will be, but it seems like the audience does have a preference. The differences in those sets of rules do make a pretty big impact.

Season 10/12 rules

For example, the rules that originally debuted with the Mega Wall and were repeated in season 12, allowed the competitors one shot at both the walls.

So when Daniel Gil missed his one attempt on the Mega Wall, he was able to hop over to the Warped Wall and complete his run.

On the flip side of that, the risks/rewards of these rules were demonstrated by Austin Gray’s run in season 10. After missing the Mega Wall, he was a little too sapped to complete the Warped Wall, meaning he did not hit a buzzer.

Season 11 rules

The season 11 Mega Wall rules gave the Ninjas three chances at the Mega Wall, but no opportunity to move to the Warped Wall. Lance Pekus used his three attempts to clear the Mega Wall and get the $2500 prize.

However, Mathis “Kid” Owhadi struggled to find his footing on the Mega Wall. With no chance to move over to the Warped Wall, he had to exhaust his three attempts and leave the course with no buzzer.

It’s clear that both sets of rules offer advantages and disadvantages. All are very individualized to the Ninja and the run. Overall, it seems the fans prefer keeping things short and sweet. Soon enough we’ll find out what season 13 has in store for us.