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Official American Ninja Warrior swag is on sale right now

Deck out all the Ninjas in your life!

Thanks for the tip, Grant McCartney!

Grant took to Instagram to let us know that the official American Ninja Warrior swag is on sale right now.

Since there were no live audiences for the taping of season 12 in 2020, there was no chance to sell merch on the road. That created a surplus of goodies. There will be no audience once again in season 13. That means this stuff needs to move!

You can view and purchase the merchandise here.

What do they have? Well, a little of everything. T-shirts, hoodies, zip-ups, workout gear, kids gear, accessories like mugs, hats, blankets, and yes, masks. They’re all on sale and things are selling out, so be sure to check out the inventory soon.

Once you open the catalog and decide what you’d like to purchase, there’s a link to an order form in the upper right-hand corner. There’s also a phone number you can call if you’d like to place your order that way.

Even if you can’t attend an American Ninja Warrior taping this year, you’ll be able to feel like a Ninja in your own home.