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Joe Moravsky’s three career-defining runs, selected by a fan

One reader selected three runs that they think define Joe’s Ninja Warrior career so far.

American Ninja Warrior- Season 6 Photo by: David Becker/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Picking three runs that define a Ninja’s career becomes more of a challenge when there are a LOT of runs to choose from.

We asked Ninjas and fans to select three runs that define an American Ninja Warrior competitor’s career. We kicked things off by selecting three runs for Barclay Stockett. David Wright contributed three runs from his career.

One reader took on the ambitious project of selecting three runs for Joe Moravsky.

That’s no easy task. Joe is an eight-time veteran of the show. He tends to do pretty darn well, which means each season of his consists of several runs. Picking just three runs is a challenge, but reader Leslie Zucker made some solid selections. Let’s take a look at them!

Season five - Stage Two

Season five was Joe’s rookie season on the show and he came out swinging. After finding success in both the Baltimore Qualifiers and City Finals, he was off to the National Finals. Joe finished Stage One with ample time to spare. His run on Stage Two was more of the same, which is why we’re guessing Leslie put it on the list.

Making it to the National Finals as a rookie is impressive. Making it to Stage Three as a rookie is a rare act indeed. This Stage Two run set Joe up as the consistent competitor we now know. It announced the arrival of a soon-to-be legend.

Season nine - Stage Three

This run was fuel for Joe’s fire. It was his fifth season on the show. It was his fourth time on Stage Three. It marked his second time as Last Ninja Standing. Yes, that’s all great. These are super high marks for the Ninja Warrior career. But it also signifies the multiple times that Joe has been so close to his goal of making Stage Four, and not quite getting there.

When Joe fell on the Time Bomb, it was far from a failure. But it wasn’t the success he was chasing. Think of this run as an appetizer for Joe. He’s still hungry for the full meal.

Season 12 - Qualifiers

We’re guessing Leslie put this run on the list because it’s a thing of beauty. Joe showcased everything he was capable of in these few minutes. He was faced with a choice. He could push it and try to get a top time and compete on the Power Tower, or he could go for the Mega Wall, an accomplishment he’d missed two other times. Joe decided he didn’t need to choose.

But executing this run flawlessly, Joe reached the Mega Wall with enough time to quickly set himself up for the launch. He finally reached the top of the 18-foot wall and he had the second-fastest completion time of the night. That sent him to the Power Tower, which he also won.

With the National Finals back on the line for season 13, we know with certainty that Joe has one goal in mind this year: Become a champion. Hopefully, these three runs will soon be outdated because Joe’s career is defined by a Stage Four climb.