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We’re predicting a storm of Mega Wall clears for season 13

Get ready to write some checks, NBC!

American Ninja Warrior - Season 12 Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The 18-foot Mega Wall is back for season 13 of American Ninja Warrior and we can’t wait to see the Ninjas crush it.

Since the Mega Wall’s debut back in season 10, there have been 18 clears of the behemoth obstacle. Season 13 is guaranteed to inflate that number. With $10,000 on the line for each Mega Wall buzzer, NBC better get ready to dole out the funds. We have no doubt that we will see both repeat Mega Wall clears and some first-timers enjoying the view from up there.

Why are we so confident? Let’s look at a small smattering of the evidence.

Daniel Gil first cleared the Mega Wall in the season 10 Dallas Qualifiers. He did it again in the season 11 Oklahoma City Qualifiers. Daniel did miss his Mega Wall attempt during season 12, but check out his Instagram post. He’s confidently hitting 23-foot walls now. There may be a Mega Wall trifecta in his future.

David Campbell has participated in every single season of American Ninja Warrior. His first Mega Wall came in season 12. David has been training the obstacle hard and is poised to join the multiple Mega Wall buzzers club.

Then we’ve got Vance Walker. Vance won the American Ninja Warrior Junior championship for the 13-14 age range two years in a row. He is one of the teen competitors invited to participate in season 13. He has shared multiple videos of him topping 23-foot walls. So yeah, that’s a thing.

Basically, somebody get NBC a pen. They’re going to need to write some checks this season.