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Should the age limit be officially lowered to 15?

A select group of teens will take part in season 13. Should the show make this a regular thing?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It’s well-established that the teens who will take part in season 13 of American Ninja Warrior are not there to just add a story element. They’re coming to compete and based on their skills, they very well could be coming to win.

For the upcoming season, American Ninja Warrior will have a few competitors between the ages of 15 and 18. American Ninja Warrior Junior takes athletes between the ages of nine and 14. American Ninja Warrior opens eligibility for athletes ages 19 and up. Including this new age range for season 13 fills in a gap for talented Ninjas who don’t have a “big stage” to compete on.

Should it be a permanent change? Should American Ninja Warrior formally lower the age limit to 15?


Should the age limit on American Ninja Warrior be officially lowered to 15?

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The press release that went out to announce the season 13 premiere date included the wording, “for the first time in ‘ANW’ history, the age limit to compete is being lowered to 15 years old.”

We think this was a simplification of what happened. Our sources told us that, for season 13, a select group of teens was invited by the producers to take part in the regular competition. It wasn’t an open call for teens to apply similar to the open call for any adults to apply.

(The intention was to invite these teens to take part in season 12, but when the pandemic shut down production, they shelved the idea for the year.)

But what comes next? Who knows what will happen after season 13. Will the age limit be officially lowered so anyone ages 15 and up can apply during the general casting call?

Should the age limit be lowered? What are your thoughts around the young competitors stepping up to the big course?