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Three runs that define Barclay Stockett’s Ninja Warrior career (to this point)

These three runs are essential to understanding her as a competitor.

American Ninja Warrior - season 11 Photo by: David Becker/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Let’s play a game. Pick three runs that define an American Ninja Warrior competitor’s career on the show (to this point, naturally). You can only pick three. No more. No less. It’s harder than it seems once you get into it.

Think of a Ninja Warrior competitor that you enjoy watching. Now, pick exactly three of their runs that you believe sum up and define their career on the show. These are the runs you would show someone if they asked you, “What’s so-and-so like on American Ninja Warrior?” Need an example? We’ll get things started!

The three runs that define Barclay Stockett’s Ninja Warrior career

Season nine - San Antonio City Finals

Season nine was Barclay’s second season on the show, but the first time the audience got to see her. This City Finals run was the first time Barclay showed us what she’s capable of accomplishing. We feel like this taste of success helped fuel Barclay’s passion for the sport. It was an important confidence boost.

Season 10 - Dallas City Finals

There isn’t really a polite way to say this. Barclay had a rough run in the Dallas Qualifiers. It looked like she was in her own head and she tumbled on the Tuning Forks. In the City Finals, she approached the course with a “What will be, will be” attitude and took the pressure off herself. It worked. As she passed each obstacle, you could visibly see the weight coming off her shoulders. She smiled. She played around. She advanced.

This run was an important lesson for Barclay. She can be her own obstacle on the course, but that also means she has the power to release herself from that tangle.

Season 11 - USA vs The World

This run handed Barclay her first buzzer on American Ninja Warrior. While it was outside of the regular season, it was still a milestone in her career. Buzzers, and the feelings that come with them, are fuel. Once a Ninja fully realizes that yes, they can do this, it opens a gateway to more possibilities. And more buzzers.

Barclay did not take part in season 12 of American Ninja Warrior. However, she recently announced that she will return for season 13. We’ll see what that brings for Barclay. Keeping these three runs in mind, there’s a potential for a whole lot more from this Ninja.

Ready? Your turn! Pick a Ninja and tell us which three runs define their career for you.