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This Twitter exchange between Matt Iseman and a young fan is pure goodness

Okay, this little fan made our day.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We think it’s already well established that the hosts of American Ninja Warrior (Akbar Gbajabiamila, Matt Iseman, and Zuri Hall) are simply the best, but let’s look at a little more evidence, shall we?

Recently, Matt Iseman made one little Ninja’s day/week/month when he took the time to personally respond to a tweet from the little one’s dad.

Wearing his “Part Ninja” shirt, Henry deftly navigated his kitchen Ninja Warrior course and provided his own commentary along the way. That’s a real skill. You don’t see Matt and Akbar call the course while THEY’RE on it. In the end, Henry requests that his dad send the video to Ninja Warrior. The very good dad uploaded it to Twitter so we could all enjoy the sweet reminder that this show means a lot to its young fans.

Matt Iseman was certainly moved. He watched the video, grabbed his camera, and filmed a response.

And Matt doesn’t just phone this thing in. This is not a generic, “Thanks for being a fan!” response. Matt goes into detail. He cites specific examples from Henry’s video. In the end, he rightfully declares Henry an American Ninja Warrior.

Once Matt says something, it becomes law. So the show’s official Twitter account had no choice but to accept the ruling.

We’re sharing this because it’s tiny things like this that make this job so fun. The show is great. The hosts are fantastic. The fans are even better.