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American Ninja Warrior selects families for a brand new competition

The show has cast the families for a new competition special.

Jimmy Choi/Instagram

Even more exciting casting news for American Ninja Warrior! It looks like calls have gone out for the first-ever family competition.

Each season, as American Ninja Warrior tapes the regular competition, they work in time to create some special episodes. We’ve seen these materialize as USA vs The World, and the All-Stars specials previously. For 2021, the show has created something new.

Season 13 will include a family competition. The show’s producers put out a call for families to apply as a team. They were looking for groups of three, including one teenager between 15 and 19, and one woman. The teams will face a relay-style Qualifying round where each team member will attempt to clear two obstacles. The top families will then move on to a Power Tower relay.

It looks like the show has selected its families! Read on to see who has taken to social media to announce they got the family call. As always, we are not the producers. They may still be making calls. They might be done. This is not a complete list, just an exciting sneak preview at these talented relatives!

Jimmy Choi, Karina Choi, Miinkay Yu

Cody Johnston, Rylie Johnston, Preslie Johnston

Brian Beckstrand, Holly Beckstrand, Kai Beckstrand

Ian Weber, Karissa Weber, Kaleb Weber

And it looks like the Beckstrands and the Webers are ready to do battle!

Amanda Odell, Trey Odell, George Odell

Secorra Heinrichs, Shawn Heinrichs, Anabella Heinrichs

As we said, these are not all the families that will take part in the special competition. But it’s certainly a strong group! There’s a lot of experience mixed in here. There are American Ninja Warrior competitors, American Ninja Warrior Junior competitors, and highly ranked athletes from the various leagues.

We cannot wait to see who takes the title of the First Family of Ninja Warrior.