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What is the one thing you would ask a Ninja right after their run?

You have five minutes and one question to ask. What is it?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior is on the verge of coming to life! At the end of this month, the lights will go up in the Tacoma Dome. All of the season’s Ninjas will be there to start their Qualifying round.

Everyone is getting geared up. The Ninjas are capitalizing on these final weeks of training. The crew is getting ready to load up the trucks with trusses and obstacles. And we’re getting ready, too.

Each season, we travel with the show to gather up as much behind-the-scenes info as we can for our readers. This means we spend a lot of time on set popping up in random places to grab any available minute we can with the Ninja Warriors. As we’re preparing to head out to Washington in a few weeks, we want to take your input with us.

If you only had time to ask one question, what would you ask a Ninja right after their run?

That’s a big question, so think about it carefully. Was the run a success, or did they have a shocking fall? Was it early in the season, or late in the year and how does that affect their overall Ninja-career? There’s a lot on the line when time is of the essence. The Ninja Warrior set is a very busy place.

What would be on your mind? We want your perspective. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.