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Is there really a school named after Jake Murray?

We investigated!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

You know Jake Murray, right? He’s a six-time American Ninja Warrior veteran with three trips to Stage Two of the National Finals under his belt. In season 12, he made it to the final top eight and was arguably the fastest Ninja of the season. He’s made some wacky entrances and once brought a corndog on the course. You remember him, right? We need to talk about something.

There is a school named after Jake Murray.

Here’s the thing about Jake Murray’s Instagram account. It is for Jake Murray and Jake Murray alone. He’s not exactly out there shopping for sponsorship deals with his inside jokes, vague references, and the occasionally confounding captions. We tend to chuckle and keep scrolling. But THIS brought us up short.

It’s a letter from a superintendent (with a very suspicious last name) informing Jake that a student made a case for renaming their school after him and they have done it. The Jake Mick Murray School for the Wildly Gifted and Outrageously Talented, to be exact.

When we saw it, our thought was, “Psshh. Good one, Jake. Very funny.” But then... We noticed that Jake seemed pretty committed if this was just a joke. We weren’t the only ones confused.

In Jake’s reply to Ryan Stratis, he says this is a real thing, although the letter might not be authentic.

Confused, we began a thorough investigation. First, we Googled “Jake Mick Murray, school.” Surely a local paper would have covered this news! No dice.

Next, we attempted to locate a school district in Colorado with the initials of W.I.S.D. Still, no evidence. This was beginning to look like an elaborate hoax perpetrated by a professional trickster.

Then we realized we probably shouldn't spend much more of our day on this. We know Jake! Jake is a nice guy! So we just asked Jake.

His response: “Yeah! Isabella Wakeham and Isaiah Wakeham’s parents legally and legitimately named their homeschool after me.”

There you have it. Mystery solved. In the most basic terms, YES, there is a school named after American Ninja Warrior Jake Murray.

Also, Jake Murray got the call for season 13 of the show. See you soon, Jake!