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Does American Ninja Warrior have an ‘underdog’?

Is it even possible to be an underdog on a show that teaches us that anything is possible?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Does American Ninja Warrior have an underdog? Who do you think it is?

We’ve been mulling over the concept of an “underdog” for awhile. If you ask Google for a definition of the term, you get, “a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.”

But American Ninja Warrior is full of surprises. The show has taught us that you should always keep your eyes open for the unexpected. So it is possible to even have an underdog on Ninja Warrior?

We make it a habit to cheer for everyone on the show. You never know what someone is capable of when their heart is in it. However, the show is full of “top dogs,” famously skilled Ninjas who we are used to seeing at the buzzer or in the Finals.

Is there someone who has yet to reach their potential, but has it in them to go all the way? Is there a Ninja who we’re not paying enough attention to right now? An underdog who might be a champion?

What do you think? Is it possible to be an underdog on American Ninja Warrior? If so, who do you think is currently in that category? As season 13 creeps closer, only time will tell if an underdog will rise to the top this year. Let’s discuss it in the comment section below!