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Should the “Safety Pass” return in season 13?

The Power Tower prize gave season 11 Ninjas the chance of a re-do at the National Finals

American Ninja Warrior - season 11 Photo by: David Becker/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

American Ninja Warrior is on the cusp of revealing more details about season 13, both regarding the filming locations and format. Before those aspects come to light, we want to gather your thoughts on one of the more discussed topics of season 11.

Should the Power Tower’s “Safety Pass” prize return?

Season 12 featured a drastically different format from previous seasons due to the pandemic. The show was unable to travel to Las Vegas for the National Finals. That will change in season 13. It has been announced that the final four stages will be back.

In season 11, we were introduced to the Power Tower. At the end of Qualifiers and City Finals, the top two competitors raced one another on a vertical obstacle course. In the Qualifiers, the prize on the line was direct advancement to the National Finals. No matter what happened in the City Finals, that winner was cleared to go on in the competition. This was called the “Speed Pass.”

In the City Finals, the winner of the Power Tower was given a “do-over” at the National Finals. If they fell on Stage One or Stage Two, they would have the opportunity to re-run the stage. This was called the “Safety Pass” and it caused quite a stir in the community.

Before season 11, American Ninja Warrior was a “one and done” competition. If a tiny slip-up ended a competitor’s season, oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. But then, there was a second chance on the line. It had a huge impact on season 11’s outcome. Of the six Ninjas who went to the National Finals with the Safety Pass, five of them needed to use it. Three of those Ninjas would advance to Stage Three thanks to the runs they received from the Safety Pass.

But what did you think? We heard many comments about how the Safety Pass was great. We also heard from people who absolutely hated it. Before we find out if the Safety Pass is back for season 13, give us your votes! There’s a poll below or you can leave your thoughts in the comments.


Should the "Safety Pass" return in season 13?

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