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Nine reader-suggested runs to perk up your day

These are the runs that make you, the readers, happy.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 10 Photo By: David Becker/NBC

Earlier this week, we shared five American Ninja Warrior runs that always make us smile. The readers responded with suggestions of their own. We loved the ideas so much that we decided it was time for a follow up!

Here are the runs that always make YOU, the readers, smile. We used specific runs if that’s what was suggested, or just a great run if the suggestion was just a competitor's name.

Brian Burk

“The burkenator season 11 city qualifers, as having autism myself, I know what he goes through.”

Jessie Graff

“Any of Jessie Graff.”

Kevin Bull

“Kevin Bull’s city finals. The one with cannonball alley.”

Kacy Catanzaro

“Kacy Catanzaro, miss her.”

The below suggestions came from Twitter.

Barclay Stockett

Joe Moravsky

James McGrath
(We couldn’t find a video of the run requested, so we included a different great run.)

Jesse Labreck

Lance Pekus