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Which Ninja had the most underrated run of season 12?

Sure, we all appreciate the big hits, but who low-key impressed you?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

If someone asked you which runs were the best of season 12, we’re pretty sure we can guess about five of the ones you’d rattle off. Every season, there are runs that are smash-hits. They’re impressive and they’re well-promoted by the show. They’re teased in commercials and they’re released on social media afterward. We love them. We watch them over and over.

While the show does its best to tell as many stories as possible, the simple fact is that there are hundreds of runs every season. Not all the great ones can get the star treatment. That leaves us wondering...

Which Ninja had the most underrated run of season 12?

Did someone reach a remarkable personal milestone? Did they find redemption? Did they overcome an obstacle to even stand on the starting line? Who do you think needed a little more time in the spotlight during the 2020 season?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll use the info to build an article in the near future!