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The seven hardest obstacles of season 12

These obstacles caused the most damage in St. Louis.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

With season 13 of American Ninja Warrior looming on the horizon, there’s little doubt that the behind-the-scenes teams are hard at work crafting the courses the Ninjas will face. In fact, they’re probably far along in the process and are working on the finishing touches to their diabolical plans.

We know that generally, a few obstacles repeat through the seasons, leaving us wondering what contraptions will return. Will they borrow from the most “deadly” obstacles of season 12?

In 2020, seven different obstacles were responsible for 68 falls.

Let’s take a look back at the hardest obstacles of season 12!

Qualifiers - Night One

  • Weight For It - Nine falls
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Qualifiers - Night Two

  • Ring Chaser - Seven falls
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Qualifiers - Night Three

  • Lunatic Ledges - 14 falls
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Qualifiers - Night Four


  • Off the Hook - Seven falls
  • Sideways - Seven falls
Elizabeth Morris/NBC
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Semi-Finals - Night One

  • Corkscrew - Nine falls
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Semi-Finals - Night Two

  • Corkscrew - Eight falls
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The Finals

  • Falling Shelves - Seven falls
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Which of these obstacles do you think the course designers will bring back for 2021? You can find out more information regarding season 13 here.