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Videos of ‘The Call’ are simply the best

There’s nothing better than watching someone’s dream come true.

John Huie/Instagram

We’re deep within a tricky time of year for Ninja Warriors with ambitions of running on the show. It’s well known that casting calls for season 13 of American Ninja Warrior have started. But how many more will go out? Are they near the end? Will it go on for days or weeks?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the process, every person who wants to be considered for the show needs to submit an application. Once the producers have reviewed those applications and made their selections, the calls begin. Members of the casting team reach out to the selected applicants to give them the good news and more information. It’s referred to as “The Call,” and sometimes “The 818 Call,” since many of the calls originate from an 818 phone number.

The anxiety is real. Veterans and rookies are in the same boat. (Sorry to use a Ryan Stratis meme again, but he’s just really been delivering these past couple of weeks.)

Getting the call is great. But the call doesn’t always come. There is no call letting you know you have not been selected, so things can really drag on.

But during this tumultuous time, there are beacons of light. We adore all the announcements on social media from those who’ve been selected. We really love the funny, emotional, heartfelt videos out there of the moment they actually pick up their phones.

A lot of the calls come from Peter in casting. If you know, you know.

The looks on kids' faces as they realize their parent is now a Ninja Warrior!

It’s an emotional moment. It’s emotional for the person getting the call.

And it’s emotional for the family and friends who have supported them on this journey.

The call always sends a jolt of energy into the room.

In short, if you get the call, congratulations! And if you can, please share a video with us!