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Ninja Warrior news round-up: Four things to know - December 9, 2021

Yup, we’re talking about season 14 applications again.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Welcome back to our new weekly round-up of American Ninja Warrior news!

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, things are a bit quiet at the moment. But we have a feeling new season 14 Ninja Warrior news will come out any day now. We might be staring intently at our email inbox, waiting for info and the green light to share it.

In the meantime, here’s what you should know this week. Got a tip for us? Drop it in the comment section below!

1.) Sorry to repeat ourselves here, but yeah... It’s going to happen. Season 14 applications are due TOMORROW. This means it’s time to stop obsessing over the details and hit that submit button!

2.) All episodes of American Ninja Warrior Junior season three are now available on Peacock. The finale episode dropped today!

3.) Neighborhood Ninjas are doing downright incredible and important work for the sport’s community. Read our article about their programs here.

4.) ‘Tis the season to buy holiday gifts and we put together a few Ninja Warrior merch suggestions right here.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!