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“Best buzzer” of season 13: National Finals championship

It’s down to two incredible runs.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Here we go! We’ve reached the championship round for the ‘Best buzzer’ battle of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals!

We’re speeding along in order to declare an overall buzzer winner once the new year starts. Yesterday, our readers voted on round four of the bracket. Today, two Ninjas remain in the final round of voting!

We have Vance Walker’s Stage Two buzzer. He was one of only four to survive the stage. After an error on the Double Salmon ended his first run, Vance waved his Safety Pass and took another turn. He then defeated the critical Falling Shelves to clear his path to Stage Three.

Kaden Lebsack’s run doesn’t need much explanation to understand why it’s in the final round. Kaden, who was 15-years-old at the time, was the only Ninja to clear Stage Three. This is an accomplishment is dreamed of by many veterans and he did it during his rookie year. Kaden went to Stage Four by himself.

Now that you understand the context, which buzzer is better in your mind?

Vance Walker - S2 or Kaden Lebsack - S3?


Vance Walker - S2 or Kaden Lebsack - S3?

This poll is closed

  • 17%
    Vance Walker - S2
    (12 votes)
  • 82%
    Kaden Lebsack - S3
    (56 votes)
68 votes total Vote Now

Remember to vote soon! The winner of the National Finals will be placed in a poll along with the winners of the Qualifiers and Semifinals. Then we’ll have our best buzzer of the year!