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Shopping for a Ninja Warrior fan? We’ve got you covered.

These Ninja Warrior items will make any fan smile this holiday season.

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If you’re reading this right now, two things are probably true. First, you have access to the Internet. Second, you like American Ninja Warrior. So let’s talk about American Ninja Warrior online shopping, shall we?

NBC.Com has a wealth of official American Ninja Warrior merch that makes for great holiday gifts. We’ve pulled together a few suggestions below to help you narrow down the options. Don’t worry, we don’t get anything out of this. We just want happy little Ninja Warriors this gifting season!

Personalized water bottle

Hydrate in the most Ninja-way possible. We’ve had one of these for a while and it’s a solid water bottle. The logo hasn’t faded after many washes and when people see us using it, we get asked which season we were on. Just chuckle and leave ‘em wondering.

A personalized kid’s shirt

Whether you have a little Ninja in training or a little Ninja with aspirations of running the course, this makes a special gift. They’ll let the world know there’s no obstacle they can’t handle.

The softest Ninja Warrior blanket

This is another item that we’ve tested out ourselves. It’s the favored household blanket that everyone scrambles to claim for themselves at the end of the day. It’s warm, cozy, soft, and great for encouraging rest and recovery after training.

Personalized ornament

We love this item because you can customize both the name and the image. Use a photo of an important moment from the past year as an ongoing reminder of your Ninja’s ability to overcome, whether they’re standing on the podium, acing a test, or reaching a new milestone.

Personalized pillow sham

Got a Ninja who can’t get the course out of their head? Keep their dreams sweet with this pillowcase!

Happy shopping!