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Ninja Warrior news round-up: Four things to know - December 16, 2021

Only two weeks till the end of the year!

Patrick Wymore/Peacock

It’s your weekly American Ninja Warrior news round-up!

This time around, the season 14 application period is closed, so we can finally stop screaming at you to apply. The end of the year is very swiftly approaching, so the news is a bit dry at the moment. However, that MAY change in the coming days.

We have a few things to make you aware of this week. Enjoy! Remember, if you have any suggestions or tips, drop them into the comment section below!

1.) American Ninja Warrior Junior wrapped up season three with three brand new champions! These kids are the future faces of the “big” competition.

Patrick Wymore/Peacock

2.) The readers let us know that they really, really, really did not enjoy the new obstacle, Drop Zone.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

3.) There are only a few days left to apply to be a Neighborhood Ninjas mentor or mentee.

4.) And finally, just a little heads up. We may have information for you very soon about season 14. So watch this space. Check back often. We’re hearing some rumblings that announcements may be on the way.