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The ‘best buzzer’ of the season 13 Qualifiers

We have a (young) champion!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

After six rounds of intense voting, we have declared a winner!

The “best buzzer” of the American Ninja Warrior season 13 Qualifiers belongs to 16-year-old Vance Walker!

It’s easy to see why the readers selected this run over and over again through the bracket. Vance, who was just 16 at the time the show was filmed, absolutely stormed the course. His confident run included a jaw-dropping moment when he listened in on Matt and Akbar’s conversation and added in his two cents, all while working his way through the Pretzel Twist. But that wasn’t enough, Vance also hit the buzzer on the top of the Mega Wall, earning himself a lovely $10,000.

The buzzer beat out Jake Murray’s speedy performance to take the title for the Qualifiers.

Vance’s run will come back into play in a few weeks. We’re hunting for the best buzzer of the entire season. That means we need to move on to the Semifinals and the National Finals. Then, those top three buzzers will face off to determine which was the greatest of the year.

Ready to move on to the next round? We’ll start that competition shortly!