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Colorado Springs would love to host American Ninja Warrior

The passionate fan community flooded our just-for-fun poll.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

A few weeks ago, we used suggestions from our followers to put together a poll asking which new city American Ninja Warrior should visit. The results are heartwarming.

We named 17 locations in our poll. Those locations came from suggestions our followers gave us on an Instagram post. Take a look at the results and we think you’ll notice something,

Yup. A very big chunk of that pie chart belongs to Colorado Springs, CO. The poll was just for fun. We have no power over IF the show will travel for season 14 or which cities the show will visit. In fact, we do know that location selection starts years before production actually sets up camp. So if we had any influence, these results wouldn’t impact the 2022 show anyway.

But even knowing all that, Colorado Springs Ninja Warrior fans took up the call to arms. They reshared the article. They passed it around. They even sent us an email about how badly they wanted the show to come to their city. They very clearly won the poll.

There’s no prize aside from bragging rights and our respect for their passion. Maybe one of the producers will see this article and get a little curious about the town.

New York City came in second. That could be a really fun Ninja Warrior location with a cool backdrop. Chicago came in third. We know that area has a thriving Ninja Warrior community. Either city would make a great addition to the Ninja Warrior tour!

While we get a kick from wondering out loud what the show will do next, we hopefully won’t have to wait too much longer for real info. Generally, information about the upcoming season of the show is released in January. That will be here before we know it!