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Five things we’re thankful for about our readers

This site wouldn’t be what it is without all of YOU.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Like many of you, that means we’re going to be taking a few days off to focus on our loved ones. But before we sign off, we want to take a moment to say we’re thankful for YOU.

The American Ninja Warrior Nation readers (that means you) are fantastic. This site wouldn’t be what it is without you all and we are very appreciative of that. Let’s get specific. Here are five things we’re thankful for about our readers.

1. Your depth of knowledge

No one knows more about the history of American Ninja Warrior than you all. If we have a stat or detail wrong, you spot it instantly (and politely let us know about it). That knowledge means we get to have really interesting conversations with you. Check out the responses on this Instagram post asking about the three episodes a new fan should watch. You know your stuff.

2. Your passion

You really, really care about Ninja Warrior, both the show and the community. We put together a fun poll around which new city American Ninja Warrior should visit if the show returns to traveling. Colorado Springs, CO is in a major lead. Why? Because the local community was so thrilled at even the idea of hosting the show that they’ve been passing it around. We can’t get enough of that energy.

3. Your opinions

You can’t have knowledge and passion without opinions. The ones our readers (you) share, are smart, well-thought-out, and based on a real understanding of the competition. Reading the comments on our articles and on our social media posts is always educational. You’ve changed the way we think about things on many occasions! Check out the comments on this article around the obstacles on Stage Three of the National Finals.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

4. Your commitment

This website would not exist without all of you stopping by to read what we put out there. We can’t thank you enough for that. It’s always surprising and delightful when we meet someone who says they read the site. It’s an honor when our readers remember something we created and want more of it!

Earlier this year, we shared our out-of-context thoughts from attending the season 13 tapings in person. As we plunged into our coverage of the episodes, we kind of forgot about it. But you didn’t. As the Qualifiers, Semifinals, and National Finals each ended, we received so many messages reminding us that we need to go back and reveal what our hints were about. We loved that.

5. Your humor

Last, but not least, you make us laugh. You’re not afraid to have a little fun with things. We all love American Ninja Warrior, but you understand that it’s not exactly a stern and serious subject. The comments we read on social media highlight that. Check out the responses on our post asking about the odds of surviving the Striding Steps. A little self-deprecation can lighten any mood. (By the way, we’d like to update our personal odds to 0.03%.)

Thank you for being here! Enjoy your time with friends and family over this holiday weekend!