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Stage Four rounds out the National Finals report card with an A-

Readers voted on both the rope climb and the time limit.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The grades are in and the American Ninja Warrior National Finals brought home a heck of a report card.

Now we know that Stage Four will walk away with an A- as well.

Let’s take a look at how that happened. We asked readers to vote on the two elements of Stage Four: The 75-foot rope climb, and the 30 second time limit.

First up, the rope climb results. The votes were really spread out. While “A” was the winning grade, it wasn’t a homerun hit by any means.

24% of the votes went to A. 21% of the votes went to B. And a massive 56% of the votes went to C, D, or F.

Using the logic we applied to Stages Three and One, we’re giving the 75-foot rope climb an A- as a final grade. More people would have given it a lower grade, so it gets a minus.

Now let’s talk about the 30 second time limit. The results were slightly clearer for this aspect of the competition.

38% of the votes went to A. 29% went to B. 32% of the votes were given to C, D, and F. So the time limit also scores an A-, but with slightly more strength.

Two A- grades means Stage Four as a whole gets an A-.

But one reader brought up a very good point...

Basically, the reader is saying that the obstacles are all so creative, there’s nothing else we can close with besides a rope climb?

On the other hand, it is pretty iconic and it’s obviously pretty challenging.

Thank you so much to everyone who played along with these fun polls! Maybe we’ll set this up for the Qualifiers and the Semifinals after the holiday break...