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Three Ninja Warrior episodes to watch with the whole family while the turkey cooks

The show is perfect for multi-generational gatherings.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Welcome to Thanksgiving week! Take a deep breath, you can do this and we’re here to help. Need to keep a group of family members entertained while the feast comes together? Look no further than American Ninja Warrior.

The show is the obvious choice for multi-generational family gatherings. It’s age-appropriate for all, it’s funny, it’s moving, and it provides so many moments where you can say, “Whoa! Cool!”

According to our very scientific research of Googling things, it seems like the average turkey takes around three to four hours to cook. That means you can squeeze in about three episodes on American Ninja Warrior.

You can watch up to 21 episodes of American Ninja Warrior for free using Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. So there’s a low barrier to entry here.

But which three episodes should you put on? We’ve got you covered.

Season 13 - Qualifiers night one

We’re going to assume you have some Ninja Warrior newbies in the living room, so the premiere episode is a good place to start. The show will walk everyone through the inclusion of the teens, Split Decision, and how the competitors will advance.

All that and the action is fantastic. There are shocking falls from the veterans and stunning runs from rookies. This episode will definitely get everyone hooked.

Season 13 - Semifinals night two

This episode will kick the emotional investment into a new gear. The course is longer, the obstacles more dramatic, and the stakes are higher. This episode in particular is a gem. Joe Moravsky had to face his own student, Jay Lewis, on the Power Tower. Rachel Degutz made a name for herself. The Ninjas had to pick between the Inverter or the Tuning Forks. No easy task.

Season 13 - National Finals night two

Oh, you thought we were going to suggest the finale episode? Nope! We think you should encourage your fellow viewers to go back and watch more of the season before they do that. We recommend jumping to night two of the National Finals. Jaws will hit the floor when Jesse Labreck clears Stage One. The episode also includes the start of Stage Two where Vance Walker’s performance will leave everyone wondering if he wins it all.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your Ninja Warrior viewing party!