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Six Ninja Warrior submission examples from veterans and rookies

Get inspired to make your video the best it can be!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The close of the submission period for American Ninja Warrior season 14 is quickly approaching. Before we know it, December 10 will be here. We’re on a mission to do as much as we can to help everyone put their best foot forward.

We have...

But maybe you’d prefer some visual learning tools. Below, we’ve pulled together six examples of American Ninja Warrior submission videos that resulted in “the call.” Take note of the tactics these competitors used to ensure their place on the course. Think about how that can be translated to your own unique perspective and experience.

1.) Jessie Graff - Season 10 - Veteran

Yes, EVERYONE has to make an application video, even if you’ve made history on the show before. Jessie obviously has the strength and she was able to use footage from the show to prove it. But she also wrote a song to express her enthusiasm and had her pet pig, Sammo, pop in for a cameo.

2.) Barclay Stockett - Season 10 - Veteran

Barclay was re-applying to the show, so she focused on updates. What had changed in her life? Why were her American Ninja Warrior goals different this time around?

3.) Najee Richardson - Season Seven - Rookie

This was Najee’s first time applying for the show. He started at the beginning, introducing himself as an athlete and a person and proving he was camera-ready.

4.) Zhanique Lovett - Season 10 - Veteran

Zhanique focused on the lessons she learned from her previous experience on the show while also discussing the importance of her community.

5.) Mathis “Kid” Owhadi - Season 10 - Rookie

This was Kid’s rookie season and the first year 19-year-olds could apply. But, as the Kid reminded everyone in the video, he did not lack experience. He discussed competitions and all the Ninjas he’s trained with.

6.) Bob Reese - Season 13 - Rookie

Bob Reese snapped the producers to attention with his rookie year submission that led with his big personality. He shared interesting facts and stories about himself and demonstrated his athletics and connection to the Ninja Warrior community.

BONUS: Jake Murray - Season Seven - Rookie

This is probably one of the more iconic submission videos in the Ninja Warrior world. Jake Murray made sure there was no chance the producers would leave him shivering in the walk-on line another season. We’re including it as a bonus because we’re pretty sure this tactic won’t work for everyone, but it’s fun to watch.

Want to check out a few more examples? Keep scrolling!

Joe Moravsky - Season Seven - Veteran

Sean Bryan - Season 10 - Veteran

Anna Shumaker - Season 10 - Veteran

Dr. Favia Dubyk - Season 10 - Rookie

Derek Miyamoto - Season 10 - Veteran

Brandon Mears and Dan Polizzi - Season 10 - Veterans

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