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Ninja Warrior’s throwback runs bring back some great memories

Take a little trip down memory lane.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 11 Photo by: Lara Solanki/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

UPDATE: We’ve added in the runs that have been posted in the last few weeks! We’re up to 12 oldie-but-goodie runs now.

How about some throwback memories while we wait for news on season 14 of American Ninja Warrior?

It seems that the official American Ninja Warrior YouTube channel has quietly started sharing some nostalgic runs on the site of recent.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ninja Warrior trots out some classic moments from the past few seasons. We have seen these runs before, but it’s nice to revisit them. Let’s take a look!

Jame Gross - Oklahoma City Qualifiers: Season 11

The first of the throwback uploads went to James Gross. His run took us back to the Fly Wheels and the debut of the Diving Boards. James was one of many who fell on that new (at the time) obstacle.

Lance Pekus - Minneapolis Qualifiers: Season 10

Going a year farther into the past, we have Lance Pekus’ run. With his wife, Heather, watching on, Lance bounced through the Floating Steps (remember those?) and powered through the Battering Ram.

Jackson Meyer - Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers: Season 11

Jackson’s run was one of the first we saw in the Tacoma Dome. This was also one of the first times we saw the Barrell Roll.

Flip Rodriguez - Los Angeles Qualifiers - Season 10

This Qualifying course debuted the Doorknob Drop. It was one of the rare instances that Flip was unable to reach the first buzzer, due to that challenge. He would go on to defeat it in the City Finals.

Sandy Zimmerman - Seattle/Tacoma Semifinals - Season 11

Right after becoming the first mom to hit a buzzer, Sandy showed up ready to play once again. She crossed into the back half of the course and was finally stopped by the Floating Monkey Bars.

Jamie Rahn - Philadelphia City Finals - Season 10

Getting back to the buzzers, we have Jamie Rahn’s climb to completion in season 10. This run put him in third place overall for the night.

Nicholas Coolridge - Stage One of the National Finals - Season 10

Here’s a throwback to a Ninja we don’t see much anymore! It’s a reminder that Nicholas was a force on the course, hitting the Stage One buzzer with about eight seconds left.

Joe Moravsky - Minneapolis City Finals - Season 10

After missing the Mega Wall in the Qualifiers, Joe came out swinging in the City Finals. This run snapped up second place on the leaderboard.

Josh Salinas - Stage Two - Season 11 National Finals

The third time was a charm for Josh! After two previous trips to Stage Two of the National Finals, Josh finally broke through. This run marks the first time he unlocked the door to Stage Three.

Najee Richardson - Baltimore City Finals - Season 11

This run serves as a reminder that we never, ever, ever want to see Angry Birds again. Not a single Ninja was able to defeat that obstacle, including Najee. Although he did still place third overall that night.

Thomas Kofron - Los Angeles Qualifiers - Season 10

Thomas, a firefighter, made a great impression with his first run. With the Jurassic World decor all around him, Thomas beat his way to the buzzer.

Lucas Reale - Stage Three - Season 11

Lucas made a solid bid to defeat Stage Three with this run. Season 11 saw a larger than normal group of Ninjas defeat Stage Two, but that doesn’t diminish the accomplishment. Lucas put up a good fight but was defeated by the Pipe Dream.

While we wait for new Ninja Warrior episodes, it’s fun to look back at the older runs! Which runs from the past do you think we should re-visit? Tell us in the comments.